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Governor appoints Emerge CEO to Black Leadership Advisory Council

Mar 28, 2023

A St. Joseph community leader has been appointed to serve on Governor Whitmer’s Black Leadership Advisory Council.

Andrew Robinson, president of Mosaic Christian Community Development Association, was appointed by the governor to serve on the 16-member advisory council to develop, review, and recommend actions to eradicate and prevent discrimination and racial inequity in Michigan’s communities.

Robinson views his role as working across stakeholders to close gaps in health care, housing, education, employment, and economic opportunity – specifically in African American communities. One of the first areas — job training.

“We’re talking about trades programs. We’re talking about building trades, we’re talking about construction trades, we’re talking about HVAC and plumbing — those opportunities that can really provide the ways and means for those in the African American community to be able to learn a skill, learn a trade, get a good paying job,” said Robinson.

Robinson said for next steps, it’s up to the council to continue their work to set strategies and advance policy changes to close gaps. He said success means organizations like his at Mosaic will no longer be needed because programs and opportunities will be so common, communities in need are well served – and that is the goal for the future.

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