Applications Are Due Friday, February 23, 2024! 

Launch Your Business to New Heights with the Emerge Fellows Lab

Are you an entrepreneur with a registered business bringing in at least $25,000 annually? Do you dream of growing your venture, boosting revenue, and achieving sustainable success? The Emerge Fellows Lab is here to help!

This intensive program provides 5 ambitious entrepreneurs with the training, resources, and mentorship they need to thrive. Through personalized coaching, workshops, and industry connections, you’ll gain the tools to:

    • Sharpen your business acumen: Develop a clear vision, refine your strategy, and build a solid foundation for growth.
    • Fuel your financial success: Access microlending opportunities, learn smart financial management, and increase your revenue streams.
    • Expand your network: Connect with experienced mentors, industry leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs for ongoing support and collaboration.


      Businesses operating in the sectors of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, Gaming, Firearms, or those promoting specific political candidates, representatives, parties, or ideologies are ineligible for application.

      Ready to take your business to the next level? Apply to the Emerge Fellows Lab today and unlock your full potential!

      Key benefits:

        • $50,000 grant distributed to fellows throughout the program
        • Expert coaching and mentorship tailored to your unique needs
        • Microlending and investment support to fuel your growth
        • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs
        • Focus on building sustainable business practices for long-term success

          Don’t miss this chance to transform your business! Apply now and join the Emerge Fellows Lab community.Don’t miss this chance to transform your business! Apply now and join the Emerge Fellows Lab community.

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