Our Sponsors & Partners

We have a strong network of community participants for our meetings, and we are always looking to add more! The following organizations have pledged their commitment and support for the Emerge Innovation Hub.

Partners who have gone above and beyond in supporting Emerge and the Southwest Michigan entrepreneurship community. They are champions in the belief that diverse and under-resourced communities should be encouraged and supported; that collaboration equals opportunity for everyone; and connection equals success.

Emerge Innovation Hub Panel
Whirlpool Corp
PNC Bank
Mosaic CCDA
Women’s Business Center
Partners Worldwide
Honor Credit Union
Horizon Bank
Cornerstone Alliance

Our Mentor Program

It has been an incredible journey for Princella, from an 18-year-old mother to a coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Being true to herself has become a very important part of life.  Professionally, Princella has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management, is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Speaker, and is trained in Hypnosis and Human Design.

For most of her life, she was an introvert and found it to be a huge challenge to achieve her Dream Goals. Until she discovered the dance between balancing masculine (get-it-done energy) and feminine (meditation and free-to-be-me energy), she is writing a book, The Unified Way: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Powers as an Entrepreneur, due out later in 2024! 

She believes in embracing a blend of personal experience with the human experience. Today, she works with clients in a practical yet emotionally connected way to bring dreams to life. She and her husband have chosen a life with the freedom to travel in their RV and love it!

Princella Nunez-Stringer

Princella Nunez-Stringer

Emerge Mentor Coordinator

Our Impact

Emerge Hangouts have supported over 50 diverse and under-resourced entrepreneurs since 2020.

The Emerge Pitch Night event was a huge success with 36 business owners pitching their business ideas to local community leaders. 6 won the event in 2022 and earned $15,000 which will be used to expand her business. Show pics here from the event.

The Emerge weekend camp has supported over 50 diverse and under-resourced future entrepreneurs since 2020.